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linking europe
Historia Linking europe


In 1995, Floreal Martínez Núñez founded Linking Traducciones, a translation agency in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

At that time, he had been working as a translator for over 15 years and, having worked for very prestigious firms and agencies, he decided to start his own company.

Since then, many customers have trusted his experience and quality. In our section CUSTOMERS, you can visualised the companies and professionals in many countries for whom he has worked.

Now, already in Spain, he keeps working as a free-lance translator.

With the support of Floreal's experience, his daughter, Andrea Martínez Díaz, creates LinkingEurope.

In addition to working for the same customer portfolio, our goal is incorporating new customers and offering current services at very competitive rates.

QUALITY in translations and our COMMITMENT with customers have been and will continue to be our working philosophy.


LinkingEurope is composed by a team of translators passionate for communication.

The professionals work in different language combinations and their mother tongues are those of the languages into which they translate.

Our team is shaped with translators who, in addition to be native, have specialised in diverse work areas; therefore, they are able to use the appropriate and specific terms in each field: science, business, law, technology, etc.

We work as a team among ourselves and on a team basis with our customers. We want to be part of the success in your job.

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