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Traducciones Generales

General and Busisness

Translation of general and business tex with the required quality essential for preserving the image of your company, respecting the context, the cultural references and the public to which the text is addressed.

Traducciones Medicas


Specific and thorough experience in medical translations INTO ENGLISH and correction of texts already edited in English for their publication or presentation. Translation of medical exploration results, referrals, medical histories, case studies, etc. in diverse specialties: cardiology, AIDS, traumatology, haemotherapy, oncology, pneumology, paediatrics, gastroenterology, ear-nose-and-throat, vascular surgery, urology, etc.

Traductor Tecnico


Translation of technical texts, such as manuals, patents and dossiers in areas such as engineering, energy, industry, safety, agriculture, the environment, quality, telecommunications, etc. performed by technical translators specialisted in each subject.

Traductor Jurado


Translation of official documents (birth certificates, marriage acts, academic records, contracts, powers of attorney, etc.), which require the signature and stamp of a sworn/certified translator for their presentation before any agency. We work with sworn translators who perform their translations in accordance with the legislation in force in each country.

Traductor Cientifico


Translation of abstracts, documents, presentations, articles and thesis in diverse areas of the scientific arena: physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, technology, hydrology, veterinary medicine, etc.

Traductor Web


Nowadays, openness to the international market is essential for the growth of a company. We provide translation and updates of websites, after an accurate interpretation of the original contents and adapting them to their target markets.       contact       disclaimer       web map