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We offer high quality services for which we apply an organised work method that allows us to control the whole translation process, to provide quality assurance and to attain a fluent communication with our customers.

Working on a team basis with each customer is the key to success of al the proposed projects, so as to ensure a long-lasting relationship.



We analyse our customer's needs: subject, deadline, work volume, target public, etc.

We check the files or originals provided by the customer in order to ensure that they comply with the required characteristics for performing the translation.

We analyse the material to be translated: the length of the document (number of words and pages) and its format (images, graphics, tables, etc.).




We communicate the results of the ASSESSMENT to the customer and request further information, if needed.




We prepare the quotation considering the following aspects:

Number of words or pages to be translated.

Area of specialisation of the texts.

Graphic features of the documents.

Whether a sworn translation is required or not.




We assign the task to the corresponding translator, considering the language combination and the subject of the texts.

The translator:

Complies with the agreed deadline.

Guarantees absolute confidentiality concerning all the information received.

Employs the customer's specific terminology (glossaries, statements, corporate documents, website, previous translations, etc.).

Presentation and formatting

In the case of computer files, we work on the original preserving the customer's presentation.

In the absence of computer files, unless it is otherwise specified:

Translations are delivered as Word documents. Should the customer requires delivery in some other format requiring graphic design (PowerPoint, PDF, Word with tables or inserted images, etc.), the estimated cost of formatting and design work will be included in the quotation.

Unless otherwise specified, the translations will be delivered by e-mail. Postal deliveries are made in the case of sworn translations (cost born by the customer, by private courier).




The files containing the translation are sent to the customer and we ensure that the customer's expectations and needs are fully satisfied.




We produce the invoice for the cost of the performed work and send it to the customer.




The payment terms are agreed with the customer on a case-by-case basis

Generally, for lengthy tasks or in the case of new customers, we require the advanced payment of 30% of the total sum.

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